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Measuring Virginia

Virginia Performs shows you how the state is doing in areas that affect the quality of life for you and your family. Explore these pages (horizontal main menu above) to learn more about Virginia's performance from region to region and compared to other states. For more data about your own community, you can explore our regional and locality performance maps. You can also see how Virginia state government is working on your behalf on our Agency Planning and Performance pages.

Measuring What Matters

2017 Scorecard at a Glance: Trend Changes

2016 marked the third consecutive year where outcomes on School Readiness declined. As a result, the performance trend for School Readiness has been changed from Maintaining to Worsening. (The Hampton Roads region was the only area to see some improvement in 2016, but even this remains below its 2013 mark).

The 2016 Virginia average for kindergartners who met or exceeded the PALS-K benchmark (an annual assessment given to kindergarten students each fall) was 85.3 percent, another drop from the 86.1 percent seen in 2015. Virginia's best 10-year performance -- 87.6 percent of kindergarten children meeting goals for literacy fundamentals -- was in 2011.

You may quickly see how well Virginia is doing on all 44 indicators tracked on this site by checking out the complete Scorecard at a Glance.

New 2017 Workforce System Report Card

The Virginia Workforce System Report Card has been updated to its 5th iteration. One important development: Program measures for the state agency portion of the workforce system on Credentials, Employment, Wages, and Business Satisfaction are now operational; trend data on these measures is expected to be published at a later date.

Priorities Assessment

Virginia Performs now offers additional tools for assessing progress on Virginia's highest priorities. Many priorities go beyond organizational boundaries and require cooperative effort in order to affect performance in a meaningful way.

Tools for gauging that progress include Governor McAuliffe's 2014 Enterprise Strategic Priorities, as well as issue-focused report cards that have been collaboratively developed, often with partners outside state government.

Priorities Assessment content is available from any page on the site via a text link at top right.

From the Governor of Virginia:

The Commonwealth of Virginia is a spectacular place to live. We treasure the heritage and resources that contribute to our high quality of life, but it takes constant planning and fine tuning to maintain this quality and make needed improvements.

This website, brought to you by the Council on Virginia's Future, shows you how we measure the state's performance, plan for the future and monitor our progress. Explore the links above to see how we're working to make Virginia strong and healthy.

-- Governor Terry McAuliffe