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Enterprise Strategic Priorities

Virginia Performs:
Enterprise Priorities by Goal Area

Virginia's government has a number of goals, priorities, and key initiatives that transcend agency and other organizational boundaries. These enterprise-level strategic priorities provide important input into agency planning processes and serve as a baseline for assessing progress on key issues.

Virginia's state agencies link to these Enterprise Priorities in their own strategic planning. Enterprise Priorities also support the long-term societal goals in Virginia Performs and create a stronger link between those high-level goals and agency objectives.

The table below lists Governor McAuliffe's Enterprise Strategic Priorities for his administration; for more information, see the Governor's website.

You may also explore Virginia Performs' full range of state agency planning and performance.

2014 Enterprise Priorities by Goal Area

Economy Education Workforce 
Goal: Be a national leader in the preservation and enhancement of our economy. Goal: Elevate the educational preparedness and attainment of our citizens. Goal: Be a national leader in the preservation and enhancement of our economy
  • Promote Virginia's competitive business climate to maintain its designation as the best state for business.
  • Develop a clear and anti-poverty policy.
  • Attract businesses to the Commonwealth that operate in new and growing fields in the 21st century economy. Targeted areas include cyber security and biosciences.
  • Enhance Virginia's trading relationships with international partners.
  • Promote a diverse and reliable energy supply.
  • Improve educational success in struggling schools in high-poverty communities and expand access to quality early education for all children.
  • Promote great teaching and learning through accountability reform; emphasize creativity and critical thinking skills; and strengthen support for teachers and educational leaders.
  • Strengthen pathways in K-12, community colleges, and throughout higher education, increasing affordable completion of high-demand degrees and credentials.
  • Continue to strengthen Virginia's system of community colleges and 4-year institutions and promote greater access and affordability for all Virginians.
  • Align Virginia's workforce to meet current and anticipated employer demands with career pathways and training solutions for dislocated, underemployed, and future workers.
  • Establish annual goals and identify ways to increase statewide credentials that align with employer current and future needs.
  • Facilitate in-demand skills sets for Virginia's new economy while fostering private-sector innovation and entrepreneurship.
Health & Family Natural Resources
Goal: Inspire and support Virginians toward healthy lives and strong, resilient families. Goal: Protect, conserve, and wisely develop our natural, cultural, and historic resources.
  • Advance access to high-quality healthcare for more Virginians
  • Strengthen Virginia's behavioral health system in partnership with hospitals, law enforcement, free clinics and community health centers, private providers, consumers, and family members and advocates.
  • Promote strategies to improve nutritious options for Virginians in at-risk circumstances.
  • Embrace innovative models of care and new technologies to improve health outcomes and lower costs.
  • Protect women's rights to make their own healthcare decisions.
  • Promote strategies that encourage a culture of health through stable housing, access to high-quality health care, and proper nutrition.
  • Protect and improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay by making every effort to meet the goals outlined in the federal government's cleanup plan.
  • Implement a targeted, strategic land conservation plan that protects Virginia's biodiversity and public access.
  • Prepare Virginia for the effects of climate change and reduce the state's contribution to its causes.
Public Safety & Homeland Security Transportation Veterans & Military Families
Goal: Protect the public's safety and security, including timely response to emergencies and disasters; ensure a fair and effective system of justice. Goal: Ensure Virginia has a transportation system that is safe, enhances the economy by allowing easy movement of people and goods, and improves our quality of life. Goal: Inspire and support Virginians toward healthy lives and strong, resilient families.
  • Protect our citizens and ensure everyone lives in a safe community.
  • Ensure Virginia is prepared to address threats to the safety and security of the Commonwealth and to respond rapidly and efficiently to emergencies.
  • Pursue strategies to ensure all gun owners undergo a background check when purchasing a firearm.
  • Aggressively target sexual and domestic violence for prevention and enforcement.
  • Promote improvements to the sentencing process to recognize and treat the root causes of crime, thereby reducing recidivism.
  • Develop a data-driven prioritization model for allocating transportation funds and ensure accountability.
  • Expand the role of non-highway modes in Virginia's transportation network.
  • Guarantee that local governments and citizens play a meaningful role in transportation decision-making.
  • Create seamless transitions for Virginia's veterans with high-quality education and workforce services that accelerate career opportunities.
  • Increase affordable housing and veterans support programs.
  • Retain and reinforce Virginia's military installations and defense activities.
  • Ensure that Virginia remains the preeminent state for military personnel, veterans, and their families.
Government & Citizens
Goal: Be recognized as the best-managed state in the nation.
  • Collaborate across secretariats to improve citizens' access to government data and decision-making processes.
  • Ensure that small-, women-, and minority-owned businesses are afforded representative access to government procurement.
  • Improve recruitment, retention, and succession planning for the state workforce.
  • Explore and pursue innovative strategies to increase government efficiency or to reduce government costs for needed services.
  • Manage public resources efficiently and effectively in challenging economic conditions.
  • Enhance current technology platforms and infrastructure while protecting all data.
  • Promote a culture within state government that values strong ethics.
  • Deliver high-quality products and services to customers in a timely manner.
  • Encourage user-friendly online services for all citizens.
  • Maximize restoration of voting rights for individuals who qualify.