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Virginia Performs: Priorities Assessment

Virginia Performs now offers additional new tools for assessing progress on Virginia's highest priorities -- many of which transcend agency or other organizational boundaries and require collaborative effort in order to really improve performance in a meaningful way.

These assessment tools currently include Enterprise Strategic Priorities and several issue-specific report cards.

Enterprise Strategic Priorities

Enterprise-level strategic priorities delineate the top goals set for the executive branch of state government. They are subject to refinement as new gubernatorial administrations enter office and begin work.

Priority Report Cards

Often developed in partnership with key players and subject-matter experts, issue-specific report cards identify and track those performance measures that drive progress in a particular area.

Virginia Performs currently has three Priority Report Cards:

  • Workforce System Report Card: An initiative begun in 2012 that is working to better coordinate workforce efforts across Virginia and to improve the quality and marketability of our workforce as a whole.
  • State Government Operations Report Card: Developed to provide an enterprise-wide view of the government's operational effectiveness and of Virginia's progress in maintaining its status as a "best-managed" state.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Report Card: Developed in partnership with the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT), this report card tracks important measures along the innovation pipeline from idea to realized outcomes.