Service Area Strategic Plan
4/24/2014   12:46 am
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Marketing Research (301 532 05)

Marketing Research includes the Virginia Market News and the Virginia Agricultural Statistics Services.

Virginia Market News Service collects and disseminates daily market prices and analyses to Virginia agricultural producers, processors, handlers, general agribusinesses, agriculture financial community, print and broadcast media, marketers, commercial market news services, consumers and USDA. These unbiased, third party reports assist each business and individual in making accurate, reliable sales and purchasing decisions. Virginia Market News Service operates under a cooperative agreement with USDA AMS Market News.

Virginia Agricultural Statistics Service issues official state forecasts and estimates of crops, livestock, poultry, dairy, prices, labor and other related items in cooperation with the USDA-National Statistics Service. This cooperative series of reports helps maintain an orderly association among the outputs, supply, and marketing sectors in Virginia’s agricultural community. The Virginia Agricultural Statistics Service is a joint cooperative federal and state program.

With the highly competitive global food and forest products arena, consistent market research and reporting is critical to better anticipate market shifts, enhance market segmentation from competitors, and position Virginia sources as preferred suppliers.
Background Information
Mission Alignment and Authority
  • Describe how this service supports the agency mission
    Enhance opportunities for the growth and profitability of the Virginia agriculture industry
  • Describe the Statutory Authority of this Service
    §§ 3.2-4700 through 3.2-4708 mandates the marketing services of the Division of Marketing, which include all components of this activity.
    The component, Marketing Research and Marketing Services, implements the Federal/State Cooperative Agreement Number 12-25-A-4664.
Agency Customer Group Customer Customers served annually Potential annual customers
General Public Print and broadcast media 130 130
Virginia farmers Virginia farmers 25,000 47,383

Anticipated Changes To Agency Customer Base
According to the USDA Census of Agriculture, the total number of farms in Virginia and the United States continues to decline. However, the number of small farms and the number of large farms increased in Virginia and this trend is projected to continue. This will result in growing demand to tailor programs and services for both large and small producer, high volume and high value producer, and direct and international marketer.

In 2008-2009, Market News tailored e-mail subscriptions for 75 print media receiving nearly 1,010 reports weekly. Automated MP3 audio files were sent daily to 55 rural market broadcast outlets by staff using new computer software.

Customer numbers will continue to be driven by the total number of farmers in Virginia – 47,383.

Total web hits for Market News information averaged 82,250 per month.
Partner Description
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Products and Services
  • Factors Impacting the Products and/or Services:
  • Anticipated Changes to the Products and/or Services
    Anticipated changes include staying updated with the variety of delivery mechanisms required to reach customers and clients, and the ever-changing nature of Virginia agriculture both in terms of products and customer needs. Greater diversification of Virginia agriculture both in terms of customers and clients enhances the need for more customized market research services.
  • Listing of Products and/or Services
    • Collect daily information on Virginia prices of agricultural commodities.
    • Publish unbiased, third party reports and analyses that assist agricultural producers.
    • Assess current and future markets for Virginia products.
  • Financial Overview
    [Nothing entered]
  • Financial Breakdown
    FY 2011    FY 2012
      General Fund     Nongeneral Fund        General Fund     Nongeneral Fund  
    Base Budget $456,111 $20,000    $456,111 $20,000
    Change To Base -$6,953 $0    -$6,953 $0
    Service Area Total   $449,158  $20,000     $449,158  $20,000 
Human Resources
  • Human Resources Overview
    [Nothing entered]
  • Human Resource Levels
    Effective Date      
    Total Authorized Position level 0    
    Vacant Positions 0    
    Current Employment Level 0.0    
    Non-Classified (Filled)    
    Full-Time Classified (Filled)    breakout of Current Employment Level
    Part-Time Classified (Filled)    
    Faculty (Filled)    
    Contract Employees    
    Total Human Resource Level 0.0   = Current Employment Level + Wage and Contract Employees
  • Factors Impacting HR
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  • Anticipated HR Changes
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Service Area Objectives
  • Enhance the viability of Virginia agriculture by maintaining consistent market news programs to obtain current price information and market trends.
    Objective Description
    Reporting on current market trends and prices and anticipating future market shifts is critical to the survival of Virginia agriculture in the future. Competition for market share comes from around the corner and around the world and producers must have unbiased, reliable information and market analysis to position their enterprises for both the near and longer terms.
    Alignment to Agency Goals
    • Agency Goal: Enhance opportunities for the growth, profitability and continued viability of the Virginia agriculture industry.
      Comment: This objective aligns with the overall objectives to promote the economic development of Virginia agriculture and forestry. This aligns with the long term objective to be a national leader in the preservation and enhancement of our economy.
    Objective Strategies
    • Collect, analyze, and disseminate marketing information on livestock, grain, poultry, fruit, vegetables, peanuts, cotton, oilseeds, hay using network reporting systems, internet and broadcast media through June 30, 2012.
    • Conduct surveys using statistically defensible methods to obtain information needed by commodity groups and specialists through June 30, 2012.
    • Maintain USDA certification and training of Livestock staff to collect and analyze livestock market information through June 30, 2012.
    Link to State Strategy
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    Objective Measures
    • Percentage of completed responses to industry and media requests.
      Measure Class:
      Measure Type:
      Measure Frequency:
      Preferred Trend:
      Measure Baseline Value:

      Measure Baseline Description: In FY 2009, Market News responded to 100% of the requests for market information from the media and industry.

      Measure Target Value:

      Measure Target Description: Maintain FY 2009 baseline.

      Data Source and Calculation: Number of customers subscribing to reports of their choice via fax, mail, E-mail or by calling a toll-free number, distribution of Virginia Agricultural Statistics Service annual report.

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