Service Area Strategic Plan
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Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (301)
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Regulation of Meat Products (301 554 02)

The meat and poultry inspection program protects the safety of citizens in Virginia consuming meat products by ensuring the production of safe, wholesome, and truthfully labeled meat and poultry products, as well as humane treatment of the animals that are slaughtered.

Services include:

-Inspection of animals presented for slaughter.

-Performing ante and post mortem slaughter inspection for consumer protection and to assist in assessing the disease status of the production animal population.

- Sanitary inspections of slaughter and processing facilities.

- Certification services provided to processors supplying products for requirement specific contracts.

-Assisting prospective plant operators to obtain custom permits or grants of inspection.
Background Information
Mission Alignment and Authority
  • Describe how this service supports the agency mission
    These services support the agency’s mission by promoting the economic growth of Virginia’s food industry and by providing consumer protection by ensuring a safe and wholesome food supply.
  • Describe the Statutory Authority of this Service
    Title 3.2, Chapter 54, Slaughterhouses, Meat, and Dressed Poultry.

    In addition, adoption of the Federal regulations (9-CFR, Parts 301-391and Parts 416-599) by reference for Virginia’s program to maintain an “equal to” status with the USDA program.
Agency Customer Group Customer Customers served annually Potential annual customers
Meat Processing/Slaughter Facilties & Employees Employees working in meat processing/slaughter facilities 1,800 1,900
Meat Processing/Slaughter Facilties & Employees Meat Processing/Slaughter Facilities in Virginia 179 200

Anticipated Changes To Agency Customer Base
Partner Description
[None entered]
Products and Services
  • Factors Impacting the Products and/or Services:
  • Anticipated Changes to the Products and/or Services
    Inspection of animals: It is anticipated that at least three additional facilities will be in operation next year.

    Inspection of facilities: It is anticipated that there will be three additional State inspected facilities and two additional Talmadge-Aiken inspected facilities. The larger growth in state and custom facilities is due to an increase in consumer demand for locally produced products.

    Customer Service: It is anticipated that there will be seven additional custom permit facilities.
  • Listing of Products and/or Services
    • Inspection of animals: Ante and post mortem inspection is performed on all animals presented for slaughter at inspected facilities. This inspection is required if the resulting product will be offered for sale. Small farmers have expressed an increasing interest in marketing their own products, and have identified a shortage in slaughter plants in several areas of Virginia.
    • Inspection of facilities: Both slaughter and processing plants must have acceptable written plans for sanitation and processing of products. The acceptability of the written plans, the ability of the plant operator to follow the written plan and the condition of the facilities are all subject to continuing inspection. This inspection is required for wholesale sales. There is a normal progression of custom facilities becoming inspected facilities as the business grows.
    • Customer Service: Technical assistance is provided to persons wanting to enter the meat and poultry industry to help acquaint them with the legal requirements. Certification is provided when plant operators must meet contract or export requirements. Oversight and technical assistance and information is provided to custom plants. Often custom exempt plants are the entry point of a developing business.
  • Financial Overview
    [Nothing entered]
  • Financial Breakdown
    FY 2011    FY 2012
      General Fund     Nongeneral Fund        General Fund     Nongeneral Fund  
    Base Budget $1,443,644 $1,768,598    $1,443,644 $1,768,598
    Change To Base $0 $0    $0 $0
    Service Area Total   $1,443,644  $1,768,598     $1,443,644  $1,768,598 
Human Resources
  • Human Resources Overview
    [Nothing entered]
  • Human Resource Levels
    Effective Date      
    Total Authorized Position level 0    
    Vacant Positions 0    
    Current Employment Level 0.0    
    Non-Classified (Filled)    
    Full-Time Classified (Filled)    breakout of Current Employment Level
    Part-Time Classified (Filled)    
    Faculty (Filled)    
    Contract Employees    
    Total Human Resource Level 0.0   = Current Employment Level + Wage and Contract Employees
  • Factors Impacting HR
    [Nothing entered]
  • Anticipated HR Changes
    [Nothing entered]
Service Area Objectives
  • Ensure the continued supply of safe, wholesome, unadulterated and properly labeled meat and poultry products for Virginia consumers.
    Objective Description
    To ensure the continued supply of safe, wholesome, unadulterated and properly labeled meat and poultry products for Virginia consumers by inspecting and providing technical expertise and advice to Virginia's 35 Talmadge-Aiken plants, 13 state inspected plants, and 131 custom plants to maintain Virginia's "equal to" inspection program.
    Alignment to Agency Goals
    • Agency Goal: Ensure a safe and wholesome food supply.
      Comment: Aligns with long term objective #7 - Protect the public's safety and security, ensuring a fair and effective system of justice and providing a prepared response to emergencies and disasters of all kinds.
    Objective Strategies
    • Provide information on BSE, foreign animal disease, and sanitation requirements to approximately 131 custom exempt establishments in Virginia through June 30, 2012.
    • Continue an outreach program to assist prospective and existing meat and poultry operations by providing technical information and continuing education through June 30, 2012.
    • Collect and analyze Process Based Inspection System data and provide feedback to supervisors through June 30, 2012.
    • Evaluate humane handling practices and provide assistance in meeting the standards in all Talmadge-Aiken, state and custom exempt slaughter facilities June 30, 2012.
    • Continue a program to assess the performance of Office of Meat and Poultry Services (OMPS) inspections to assure that the Virginia Meat Inspection Program is meeting federal requirements for “equal to” status that allow Federal approval and funding of OMPS through June 30, 2012.
    Link to State Strategy
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    Objective Measures
    • Number of reports of illness attributed to meat and poultry products inspected by the Office of Meat and Poultry Services.
      Measure Class:
      Measure Type:
      Measure Frequency:
      Preferred Trend:
      Measure Baseline Value:

      Measure Baseline Description: Zero reports of illness in FY 2009.

      Measure Target Value:

      Measure Target Description: Maintain zero reports annually of illness attributed to meat and poultry products inspected by the Office of Meat and Poultry Services.

      Data Source and Calculation: -Liaison with Virginia and other state health departments. -Reports of outbreaks attributed to inspected facilities. -Tracebacks to state inspected facility and notification of state inspection program. -Review of food recall reports.

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