Virginia Performs:
Selected Agency Key Objectives at a Glance

Virginia's state agencies and institutions develop strategic plans, set performance targets, and track hundreds of measures to see how well they are progressing toward those targets. Key objectives are those performance goals and measures which relate most directly to an agency's core services and priorities.

These key objectives and measures also support the higher-level, long-term goals in Virginia Performs. The list of selected agency key objectives below is arranged by those categories. (For more information about the system's basic structure, see About Virginia Performs.)

You may also explore Virginia Performs' full range of state agency planning and performance.

Selected Agency Key Objectives

Economy Education Health Public Safety
Goal: Be a national leader in the preservation and enhancement of our economy. Goal: Elevate the educational preparedness and attainment of our citizens. Goal: Inspire and support Virginians toward health lives and strong, resilient families. Goal: Protect the public's safety and security, including timely response to emergencies and disasters; ensure a fair and effective system of justice.
  • Assist companies that are making investments and creating jobs in Virginia
  • Reduce economic disparity among Virginia communities
  • Increase the employment rate for job seekers
  • Reduce homelessness and increase housing affordability
  • Improve customer service for new and growing businesses
  • Promote tourism in Virginia
  • Increase the number of at-risk four-year-olds served by preschool initiatives
  • Increase 3rd grade reading proficiency
  • Provide quality education for children with sensory impairments
  • Increase high school graduation rates; decrease dropout rates
  • Increase the college and career readiness of high school students
  • Increase enrollment in GED and post-secondary degree programs
  • Enhance higher education access and affordability
  • Promote safe and stable living situations for children and families
  • Prevent child abuse
  • Reduce obesity, smoking, infant mortality, and teen pregnancy
  • Increase immunization rates for children and elderly adults
  • Maximize service delivery in community- and family-based settings
  • Help individuals maintain employment and independence; promote self-sufficiency
  • Increase children's access to health services
  • Reduce adult and juvenile recidivism
  • Promote successful offender re-entry and compliance; improve offender education and workforce preparedness gains
  • Improve response time to citizen calls for emergency services
  • Educate the public on homeland security and overall preparedness matters
  • Ensure appropriate, secure confinement and supervision of offenders
  • Increase compliance with underage alcohol and tobacco laws
Natural Resources Transportation Government & Citizens
Goal: Protect, conserve, and wisely develop our natural, cultural, and historic resources. Goal: Ensure Virginia has a transportation system that is safe, enhances the economy by allowing easy movement of people and goods, and improves our quality of life. Goal: Be recognized as the best-managed state in the nation.
  • Improve and protect the quality of our air and water
  • Conserve and protect open land
  • Provide outstanding state park facilities, services, and programs
  • Recognize and help protect historic resources
  • Conserve and manage sustainable commercial and recreational facilities
  • Improve and increase access to museum exhibits and educational programs
  • Maintain, improve, and develop public transportation systems in Virginia
  • Maintain, improve, and develop railways
  • Complete transportation construction and maintenance projects on time and on-budget
  • Increase the amount of cargo shipped through the Port of Virginia
  • Decrease the number of traffic fatalities
  • Reduce customer wait times at DMV service centers
  • Develop a financially sound budget and enhance compliance with internal controls
  • Increase voter registration and participation
  • Issue tax refunds and respond to taxpayer inquiries in a timely manner
  • Enhance energy efficiency in state government operations
  • Maintain the highest possible level of service at Virginia's veteran care centers
  • Increase the effectiveness of information technology oversight and monitoring
  • Provide high-level customer service to state and local agencies and employees

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