Agency Planning & Performance

Rescue scene with sirens

Public Safety

Virginia's goal is to protect the public's safety and security, ensure a fair and effective system of justice, and provide a prepared response to emergencies and disasters of all kinds.

  • Virginia's low crime rates put it among the top 10 states in the nation.
  • Virginia's juvenile arrest rates are consistently below the national average.
  • Although fewer Virginia juveniles are being arrested and sent into the correctional system, recidivism rates for both youth and adult offenders have generally remained steady.
  • After several years of improving performance, traffic fatality rates in the Commonwealth rose in 2015.
  • Virginia consistently earns high marks for its disaster preparedness.

The public safety indicators help to assess the progress we are making, understand the key elements that influence performance, and clarify the role the Commonwealth is taking to protect and improve the safety and security of our citizens.


Public Safety Indicators at a Glance

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