Agency Planning & Performance

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Virginia's goal is to ensure that our transportation system is safe, enables easy movement of people and goods, enhances the economy, and improves our quality of life. Virginia has the third largest state-maintained highway system in the nation. The Port of Virginia, Dulles International Airport, and the I-81 and I-95 corridors are all gateways to the world marketplace and major economic engines for the state. 

  • Maintaining bridge and road conditions in Virginia remains a constant challenge. Although interstate roads continue to improve, secondary roads have seen continued deterioration.
  • The Washington DC metro area, including Northern Virginia, is the most congested area in the country.
  • Virginia's planners are working to increase the interconnectivity of the state's network of ports, rail, and roadways to form a more seamless system for moving people and goods with improved ease and flexibility.
  • High-density areas have been increasing in percentage and population recently, perhaps reversing a longstanding trend since the 1980s toward more dispersed settlement of developed land.

The transportation indicators help to assess the progress we are making, understand the key elements that influence performance, and clarify the role the Commonwealth is taking to ensure that our transportation system is safe and efficient.


Transportation Indicators at a Glance

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